In the ever-evolving World of Medicine, it’s important to have the Highest-Quality Solutions and Technologies.

At Gallo Medical Company LLC, our goal is to improve the efficiency, accuracy and care provided at your healthcare facility. Not only do we provide customers with medical equipment for their OR, Hybrid Room, ER, ICU, Labor & Delivery departments, outpatient surgical suites and exam rooms, but we also provide customers with solutions to improve patient care and operational efficiencies.

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PTR Robots

PTR Robots are Innovative Mobile Robots for Safe Patient Transfer and Rehabilitation.  Our PTR Robots are Designed to Increase Patient Safety and Improve the Work Environment in Patient Transfer and Rehabilitation Scenarios.  Patients can start Rehabilitation much sooner, and the Period of Hospitalization is Expected to be Reduced Significantly – all with Improved Treatment Time.  They also reduce staff injuries and can be operated by only one staff member!

GoBe Robots

With GoBe Robots Telepresence you can save Time, Money and Hassle from Travel.  In other words: No Traveling, less C02 Emissions – and less Waste of Time. With Natural Mobility and Immersive Telepresence, GoBe Robots put you in the room and gives a feeling of Social Inclusion. GoBe Robots are all about Enabling People to Connect with each other in a more Human Way no matter where you are Physically in the World. With a Single Click – you can Control and Move the GoBe Robot from your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop anywhere, anytime.

UVD Robots

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are a Significant and Increasing Problem in the Global Healthcare Sector. Each Year Millions of Patients are Infected and Thousands of Patients Die Due to Infections acquired during Hospitalization. Likewise, HAIs Generate Massive Financial Implications. The UVD Robot® is used as Part of the Regular Cleaning Cycle, and Aims at Preventing and Reducing the Spread of Infectious Diseases, Viruses, Bacteria, and Other Types of Harmful Organic Micro-Organisms in the Environment by breaking down their DNA-Structure. The Robot is Safe, Reliable, and Eliminates Human Error. Furthermore, it is User Friendly and is Designed to be Operated by Every-Day Members of the Cleaning Staff.

Vitalacy Hand Hygiene

Vitalacy Provides a Safe and Confident Workplace through Automation.  Monitor Compliance of Quality and Safety Measures like Hand Hygiene, Workflow and Contact Tracing with Smart Sensors and Wearables.  Reduce instances of HAIs and increase your Leapfrog Score to the highest rating by implementing out Vitalacy Hand Hygiene Monitoring.


Our UVC Dosimeters are Trusted by the World’s Leading UV-C Manufacturers to Visibly Demonstrate the Power, Performance, and Provide Proof of their Disinfection Systems. UVC Dosimeters change Color when Exposed to UV-C Energy so you can Independently Validate your Devices and Procedures to see if an Optimal Dose of UVGI has been Delivered to a Surface. Having a Visual Indication of Dosage is Critical for the Success of your UV-C Disinfection Protocols. UVC Dosimeters are Recommended for use during Disinfection Cycle to Provide Visible Confirmation and Confidence for your Staff, Patients, Visitors, and Guests.



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